Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fall frolics

The weather this week has been just perfect - chilly mornings changing to warm and sunny afternoons. It doesn't get any better than this.
Vince joined us in the pasture one day.
Duggan goes to his new home on Friday.

Theo will be happy when he goes.
Max hears the sound of a different drummer, but he likes to
come out and run. He will even steal a ball when he can.
Duggan loves to run with Theo.
Vince always moves at a run and always carries his tail
up high and curled over his back.

Theo is happiest with a tennis ball,
or two, in his mouth.

Max watched Theo drop a ball and the swooped in and grabbed
it. If he could focus like that more often, he'd be a dog.

TJ is loving the cooler weather.
TJ surprised us by being the most
inclined to play with the puppy.

Maya was on high alert for most of today's hike.

Maya at the brewery Wednesday evening.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Duggan goes to his new home on Friday, but his spot is already full. Carly more than fills it. She's about a year and a half old, or thereabouts, and about 85-90 pounds, or thereabouts. She's a big, strong girl, all rottweiler and seemingly all sweet.

She came from a shelter in southwest Virginia where she had been given up by an owner who had kept her chained. Apparently she "grew too big."  That old story.  The prior owners didn't do much for her, but at least they didn't abuse her as she seems sweet and loving. The best thing they did was to give her up before they ruined her.

The pictures aren't great, just some I took while she was running around checking out her new digs. It's not fancy, but it's Sparky's old stomping grounds consisting of a shed with dog houses inside, and a large kennel outside, with even more dog houses so she has a variety of places to be, and the freedom to move about without being chained.

Eventually we will get her adopted to an inside life with a comfy sofa, but for now it's most important that she feel safe, comfortable, and home. She needs a vet visit, vaccines, and a spay, but today she got a new pink collar and tags that say she's one of our foster dogs.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New phone, new camera

Clay and I upgraded our phones this week, going from the iphone 6 to the 8. It's supposed to have a better camera and I believe it does. Of course, if you are viewing the pics on a phone or tablet, it probably won't appear any different, but I think there's a bit more clarity in the pictures, particularly in low light conditions.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Four horsemen, no apocalypse

I would love to have this picture taken from the front. It must
be an impressive sight. I see mostly dog butts and tails.
Left to right is TJ, Maya, Trooper, and Sparky.
I had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so by the time I got home from that we didn't have a lot of time but everyone was wanting to go. I took Maya, TJ, Trooper, and Sparky for a fast three miles finishing after the sun had gone down. It was my first time walking four dogs since last winter. Fortunately, this group is generally pretty easy.

Sparky mostly walked beside me.

I took most of the pictures on the early part of the hike
because it soon got too dark.

Maya and Trooper were out front all the way.

Maya and Trooper spotted some deer in the woods but it was
too dark for me to see them. I'm not sure Trooper could either,
but Maya was sure they were there.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A very doggie day

Max and Theo have been getting the short end of the exercise stick lately so I tried to make it up to them this morning with a round of ball playing and romping in the pasture. Duggan tagged along because I wanted him tired out before the Green Dogs adoption event that we went to later in the morning.

Max on the left, Theo in the center with two balls in his
mouth, and that's Duggan on the right.
Duggan has a small injury near his left eye, which I am pretty sure was courtesy of Max. It garnered him extra sympathy and attention at the adoption event, and probably made me look like a bad foster. A couple young women volunteered to give Duggan a bath, which he certainly needed. It was his first bath experience and in the end it took four of them to get it done. He survived the trauma, however, and he now looks and smells much better. The best thing for Duggan was meeting his adopters, a nice young couple who had submitted an application and hopped in the car to come meet him today upon hearing that he would be at the event. We are working out the details of when and where, but I hope to make the adoption happen some day this next week.

Duggan reached his limit after two hours and I had too. We left as I had some errands to run in Charlottesville before heading home. He zonked out in his crate and was so quiet that at one stop I opened the rear door to check on him. Apparently a good run in the pasture, followed by two hours of solid social activity in public, and a bath, is enough to wear him out.

When we got back home I put him in a kennel by himself in the hope of keeping him relatively clean, then I loaded up Maya and TJ to head out for a hike. We got in a good five miles and TJ held up well thanks to the cooler weather. It was a good, full day of dog stuff.

Theo may not be thrilled about playing the role of puppy
sitter, but he's everything a shepherd pup could want in a big
 dog brother. He's much better at it than Max.

Duggan ran after the ball, but he had no real chance of getting
it with Theo around, if he could even see it. Mostly he ran
after Theo, but I handed him a ball a couple of times too.

Duggan meeting his new adopters.

The cooler weather meant that TJ could handle 5 miles today.