Saturday, November 18, 2017

A seven dog day

We are heading to Kentucky for Thanksgiving next Tuesday. I've got a lot to do before we go, including giving as many dogs as much exercise as possible. Four will be boarded, the other six will stay at home with the housesitter. They will all be well cared for but they won't be getting much exercise next week.

Thursday I started out with a short, two mile hike with just Maya and TJ. Later in the day I took Maya, Trooper, and Rex for a slightly longer walk, about 3.5 miles. We got back with enough daylight remaining for a pasture romp with Theo, Max, and Carly. Everyone was tired last night.

The only dogs not included were Vince, Gigi, and Sparky. Vince gets plenty of exercise running around the yard. He goes out every time someone passes a door and he knocks to get back in when he's ready. Gigi hiked the day before and she's good for a while. Sparky's idea of good day is never leaving his crate in my office except once or twice a day to eat. He's become quite the homebody.

I have started Trooper on an NSAID pain reliever this week
and it has made a noticeable difference in his mobility. He's
faster, more active and playful again. He was pulling me for
most of this hike.

I was struck by how much Rex (left) looks like
Trooper (right). Black back with the same gray
spot in the center, similar coloring on the face
and behind the ears. Neither has perfect ears:
Trooper's are tipped, and Rex's are chewed up.

They look like mirror images here.

I like this picture of Trooper.

Rex in front, and Trooper.
This is Rex but I had to check the
leash and collar to be sure.

Trooper and Maya: "I got your back."

We've passed the peak of the leaf fall. There are more on the ground than still on the trees.
The trails were so leaf-covered that it was almost hard to follow them in places. The dogs'
sense of smell kept them on track although Rex would occasionally wander off.

Rex and Trooper

The two headed shepherd.

Max gets one ball and then destroys it. Carly gets one and
carries it but will drop it at random times and just leave it.
Theo isn't content unless he has two balls in his mouth.

Carly is FAST and when she sets her
rottweiler mind on getting the ball,
she does it more often than not.

Max (left) and Theo (right).
The glowing eyes are due to the flash, not demonic
possession. It was getting dark and the flash was
needed to get even half decent pictures.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Short days, short walks

It's hard to get in a lot of hiking mileage if I don't get out before late afternoon. I did about 2.5 miles on Wednesday afternoon with Maya, TJ, and Theo. Thursday afternoon I got out a little bit earlier and managed to sneak in 3.5 miles with Maya, TJ, and Gigi before it got dark.

Going over a log.
We may not be going as far, but we are going at a somewhat faster pace. The dogs don't really care so much about speed or distance. They aren't out there with calorie burning as a goal, they just want to have fun.

TJ and Theo, vying for the lead position.

TJ's famous smile

The bare red clay made a nice background for this picture.

You can see tufts of fur coming off of TJ, and there's a lot
more of them all over our house. If he's shedding now to put
on an even heavier winter coat, we will be buried in
 husky fur by spring.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Carly at the vet

Carly had a vet appointment today.

I tried, but failed, to get a harness on her. I finally just opened the gate and let her run around the yard. I let Theo out with her so she wouldn't be tempted to try to run off, and she didn't. I finally got her back into the dog yard and just hooked the leash to her collar. Being careful to use only my right arm, I led her to the van and she hopped through the open door into a crate. She settled down pretty nicely for the ride. She did vomit sometime, but I'm not sure if it was on the way to the vet or on the way home. I suspect car rides are very new to her.

I went into the vet's office alone at first, to make sure there was no one in the lobby and that we had a clear shot to an empty exam room. She was pretty much exactly as I expected she would be. She was sweet, friendly, and overly exuberant. It took at least a couple people to hold her for the vaccines and exam, but she didn't give them any problem beyond being very big, strong, and wiggly. She is a big beast but she's a friendly one, thank Dog.

Her blood work was all negative, which I pretty much expected in light of her young age. We have a spay appointment set up for the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. I can't thank the folks at Old Dominion Animal Hospital enough. They handle everything I bring in there, and they aren't always easy ones. Carly isn't easy, but it's just because she's big, young, and wild. After the excitement was over, she did actually calm down in the exam room and even laid down for a bit while I chatted with the vet.

I brought her home and gave her some dog yard time with Max for the evening. She's been bunking with Rex, but I thought she might like a change of shepherd.