Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Temporary Influx

We picked up Scarlett on Sunday afternoon to stay with us for a few days. Today Felix came while his folks are out of town for the night, swelling our household pack to 11. Both temporary dogs will go home on Wednesday bringing us back to nine. I have hopes that Obi will get placed soon. I have no real prospects or expectations for Rugger at this point, although he has put on weight and is looking better so I think we have him on a food that works for him. Now it's time to start hitting the adoption events and take another look at what is posted about him on the web. There's a couple other dogs I'm looking at who may be coming in soon.

Obi (left) meeting Felix. They've met before on play dates.

Rugger, Felix, and Obi in the dog yard Tuesday morning.

Scarlett and Theo

Chaos in the kitchen.
Scarlett hanging out while I was watering the garden.

Felix always has a smile and a moving tail.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hot weather hikes

It's been mostly short hikes lately, two miles or so, sometimes more than one a day, sometimes not. Trooper and TJ really need early morning walks or I have to keep it to just a mile. Rugger and Theo are good for a few more miles, and Maya, of course, would follow me to the ends of the earth.

Trooper always wants to go, even on days that he shouldn't.
We went before noon on Friday and he was
good for about two miles.

Rugger is fascinated by the minnows in the water.

TJ is fine when we are in the woods
but the direct sun is tough on him (and me).
If Rugger has an limitation we haven't reached it yet. He is
always ready to go and go again.

Theo and Maya and I did five miles on Sunday
morning. He's a good walker.
When I walk TJ we stop at all the shady spots.

Maya seems certain that something must be hiding in the grass.
Maya and Theo both look and listen for deer.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Play Date

Obi had another playdate with Felix Saturday evening. Felix is a former foster who now lives with friends and neighbors. I would bet good money that at least half of Felix's DNA comes straight out of the Great Dane gene pool.

Obi had a great time and Felix was a good host and sometimes a willing playmate. He's very willing to share his toys and Obi took advantage of that since we have a paucity of toys around here.

Felix is still a young dog, but the difference in maturity between him and Obi is readily apparent when they try to play together. Obi is still a goofy puppy even if he is bigger than Felix.

They had met before and Obi was more comfortable this time.

As a method of getting to know one another,
it's infinity preferable, faster, and more
effective than small talk.

Obi has matured a bit since their last visit. He has a few more
first experiences under his belt now.

The ball is bigger than his mouth and it
took him a while to figure out how to
carry and play with it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Maya goes to the movies, and elsewhere

Tuesday afternoon I had Theo, Max, Obi, and Rugger out in the pasture and the yard as I was mucking out the AC yard and running the weedeater.

Theo, before filling his mouth with tennis balls.

Obi: there's something great about
having a big dog running directly at
you when neither of you know what
is going to happen when he gets there.

Theo, Obi, Max (rear) and Rugger (front)

Tuesday evening Clay and I went to Champion Brewery in Charlottesville, which was showing a local documentary called "West Main." It was interesting and it was a nice evening on their patio. Maya came along and enjoyed herself well enough even though there wasn't a lot of activity for her.

Wednesday morning I went out for a file mile hike with Max and Maya. We had a good walk. The weather was decent, there was no one around, and we saw a deer.

Max going over a log.

Bad people drink bad beer.
(I picked them up and put them in the trash.)

Mushroom emerging from the forest floor.
(I checked for smurfs.)