Thursday, May 24, 2018

Oberon, a sneak peak

Oberon, or Obi, came into Green Dogs while I was in Kansas and has been staying with a temporary foster whose travel plans complemented mine. I picked him up this morning. These are not great pictures, but I've been busy getting things back to normal around here. I'm sure I'll get more pics in days to come.

Obi spent the day in the dog yard with varying combinations of Theo, Max, Rugger, and Trooper. I'm hoping he'll be tired enough to sleep soundly tonight when he comes in.

He's six months old, black Great Dane. I can't look at him without thinking of Gigi. No, I'm not planning to keep him. Six months old is too young for this house. His body still needs to grow into his head, but I'm sure it will. Seems like a nice boy.

Handsome face, big ears.

His back has a nice straight line.
His body looks small in comparison to his head, but it will catch up.

Nice profile.

Meeting Theo
Meeting Trooper

Monday, May 14, 2018

What am I supposed to do about it?

Maya and Trooper snagged the most coveted spot, under the
desk and nearest to my feet. Trooper is storm phobic. I don't
think Maya is particularly, but she's always at my feet anyway
and she's always near Trooper when he's upset.
We had a thunderstorm this evening; everyone around here did. It was a pretty good one in terms of thunder and lightning, and we got enough rain that I didn't need to water. I had six dogs at my feet, wrapped around me in a semicircle, all looking at me as if they expected me to do something to forestall the apparently imminent end of the world. The only reason there weren't more is because I crated Max and Rugger and Theo was downstairs with Clay.
Sparky is stoic about it, but he really doesn't like storms either.

What I did was try to continue to work, although the power flashed on and off a couple times, once because Vince sat on the power cord and pulled it out of the wall. Whatever I did, it seemed to work because the storm passed and we were all still here. I'm pretty sure I got credit for it and I'll take it. I need to rack up some points in my favor because I'm bound to lose some when I go away for another week on Wednesday.

I picked up Scarlett this afternoon. She's with
us just until Thursday morning.

Vince may not hear so well anymore, but he
sure heard the thunder from this storm.
He works up a full blown panic attack.

Sparky and Trooper sharing a bed. They don't
do so normally, but these were desperate times.

Maya could probably have slept through it if the other dogs
hadn't been crowding into her space.

Scarlett's head popped up between my legs
fairly often during the storm.
I don't know that TJ is particularly scared, but
everyone else was gathered in close so he was too.

Poor Vince is just inconsolable during a storm.
Although his hearing is getting worse I think he
fear reaction is getting worse too. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Trooper's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It actually started Thursday evening with something good. I took Trooper, Maya, and Rugger out for a hike. I wasn't planning to take Trooper because it was rather warm, but he really wanted to go and it's hard to say no to Trooper. I had already walked two miles earlier in the day and was just planning to do another two miles.

We had a good walk, but Trooper and Rugger pulled too much starting out, and Trooper was pretty tired by the end. So tired, in fact, that Trooper didn't even venture upstairs Thursday night. He slept downstairs in the kitchen and Clay found him sleeping at the foot of the stairs when he got up Friday morning.

I knew I had to get Trooper to the vet. I needed to get him back on something for pain and they wanted to do blood work to check his liver function before he started on it. I got an appointment midday and in we went. Trooper hates going to the vet. He hates being looked at and being handled by strangers and that's pretty much what happens at the vet.

Although he's not the best patient, they are very patient with him. I got a muzzle on him after lifting his gums for a long distance check of his teeth. They did everything in the room so I could hold him. Basically he's ok as long as he's facing away from whatever they are doing to him. I held the front end and they did most of the exam and treatment from the rear. He grumbled when they got too close, but he really didn't flinch when they drew blood or gave him shots. He's fine as long as no one but me is in his face.

Still, he pretty much hated the whole ordeal and thought it was just the worst thing ever, even though it was really pretty quick and painless. He hadn't been to the vet in a long time, so we did everything due or coming due so hopefully he won't have to go again. He's got a little growth on his eyelid and a tooth that may be bad, but if we go in again for those at least he will be unconscious and won't see anyone looking at him. He needs to lose some weight, so I'm going to have to cut back on his food. His back end is probably not good, but we're just going to live with that as best we can. The blood work was good and his heartworm test was negative, so I'll get him started on some pain meds to make him more comfortable.
He sat between my legs while we waited and
sometimes tried to climb into my lap.

Even when it was just us in the room, he knew
what we were waiting for and he wasn't happy.
He got back home and snuggled with Maya (her idea) and took it easy the rest of the day, but he was feeling good enough to come upstairs to bed tonight.

When we got back home he got on the bed under
my desk and Maya snuggled in next to him.
He was wishing we had brought Maya
along because she knows how to open a door.

He needed a good nap after that ordeal.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spring turns to summer

Rugger is determined to be helpful in some way, but he
can't quite figure out how. Everything he grabs or digs at
produces a strong "no" from me so he's not sure what to do.
Theo loves to be out with me, but he's really
only interested in playing ball.
The mornings have been cool this week, but it's been getting progressively warmer during the days. Today, Thursday, was not as cool in the morning and much warmer in the afternoon. I was out for a mid-day walk with Maya and TJ and we were really feeling the heat and humidity. A thunderstorm cooked up and passed through without leaving us much rain. The dogs aren't fond of thunder. Trooper is probably the worst about it now. Vince has lost enough hearing that he doesn't go into the state of panic that he used to. Still, I had five dogs gathered around me during the worst of the storm. Theo stood outside in the dog yard barking at it.

I've been busy planting still, and almost have all the pots filled but not quite. One more trip to the nursery should do it, maybe two.

Watering is a game for Rugger. He wants to
bite at the water stream and jumps away when

I aim it at him. He thinks it's great fun.

This is Rugger trying to explain the game to Theo.

Theo doesn't get it. There's no ball involved.
Rugger is content to play the game alone.

I went looking for pink ladyslippers yesterday
and didn't find them, but did run across this.

Maya and Rugger are a pretty good walking pair.

Mountain laurel, I believe. It blooms in one particular
spot along the trail each year.

I saw this on Thursday's hike with Maya and
TJ. I'm not sure what it was. It was on a tree
but I think it was actually a vine growing on
the tree. Very pretty.

We saw the back end of this snake on the
trail today. It was harmless, but I still pulled
the dogs close to me and hustled them passed
it as quick as possible.

We just did two miles and walked the part of the trail that
goes down to the river. I usually avoid this section of the
trail because of people, but it was fine today and we saw
the pileated woodpecker that I almost always see on this trail.

Everything is much greener than before our trip.
The trees and shrubs are fully leafed out.
There will be no more walking TJ in
85 degree heat. Even the short walk was
hard on him, although he will want to go
again regardless of the weather.