Saturday, March 17, 2018

Good Boys

I went to a Promises adoption event today up in Manassas. I took Axel who is a Promises dog, and Lego who is not, but I wanted to get him out in public for the experience. Maya came along for the ride and to satisfy our mutual co-dependent needs.

The two boys were very good. They both enjoyed themselves and were very well behaved. Axel in particular really thrived on the action, activity, and attention. That dog continues to impress me. I mentioned that he reminds me of Maya and I think he may be the closest we've got to her intellectual equal around here. You can just see it in his eyes, he's bright, alert, and takes it all in. I may have to impose an IQ test for potential adopters. You must be smarter than the dog to adopt the dog.

Lego is just a big goofy pup. He nearly took a couple of people to the ground with his lean. He's playfully mouthy like a puppy still, more so than I've seen here at home, perhaps because he was in play mode most of the time we were there. He barked a couple times and it's a BIG bark, (he has no indoor voice) but it's just him talking.

Lots of folks inquired about his mix.
I just said shepherd plus.

Handsome head
Lego runs through his repertoire of tricks (Sit, Shake, Down)
in rapid succession and ends up down and sometimes holds it.

Axel has his own version of the lean.

We tried the little green hats for St. Pat's
Day, but neither dog cared much for them.

That's a very Dane look and pose.

Axel would let anyone and everyone
touch him and he loved it.
Both dogs were very treat motivated.

He's got a good Dane profile too.
It's hard to lay down gracefully when your legs are
so long. Gigi could pull it off, Lego, not so much.

When there weren't a lot of people around we let the two boys
play together. They played each other out and slept quietly
on the ride home.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Axel, ready for anything

I first had Axel back in July and August of 2017. I had taken him in as a medical foster for the HOWS Project. He had been injured by another dog and needed a place to recover. The owners also agreed to have him neutered so he needed to recover after that. Ultimately they agreed to surrender him and I was very glad because he was a nice, sweet boy and I hated the idea of sending him back to a trailer park to live on a chain. He was adopted out but it didn't work out and he came back to me a few weeks ago. It's time now to find him a new home.
Axel playing with Lenny and Lego

He's as good a dog as he was the first time around. He's sweet, smart, friendly, and very good looking. Axel is house trained and crate trained, although he will exercise every male dog's prerogative to mark at least once in a new place. He's very good with other dogs and really, really likes to run and play. He can jump a four foot fence but he has only done it once since he's been back at our place, and even then he didn't run off, he just wanted to check out the yard. Axel is about two years old, I would say, and he's neutered and current on shots.

HOWS isn't really an adoption organization so, with their blessing, I'm going to place him through Promises Animal Rescue and he will be going to his first adoption event this weekend.

I took Axel and Maya out for a hike today. We did five miles but Axel was ready for five more. He's a young dog in the prime of his life and he's ready for absolutely anything, the more active the better. He's not mouthy or jumpy. He has lived with a child. Single? He's attractive enough to get you some attention and he's not the jealous type; he will like and accept your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

You can contact Axel's foster home at

Axel (left) reminds me very much of my Maya (right).
I bet they are about the same percentage of shepherd
although the rest of their mix may vary.

It was windy on today's hike and I caught
a picture of the wind splaying out the hair
on Axel's tail revealing the color underneath.
Axel is always in the center of play, he's happy to be chewed
on and he can chase or be chased. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Just some pics with no particular theme that I want to share before they get lost. Happy Pi Day, RIP Stephen Hawking the Great, and congrats Conor Lamb! Rex Tillerson, you asshole, no one can feel sorry for you; you got what you deserved. Live by the tweet, die by the tweet.
Snuggling with Sparky. I love that dog.

Lego has a very smart sit, 
and down. (bloody nose courtesy of TJ.)

TJ may be an asshole with other dogs sometimes, but the dog
can not take a bad picture. 

Roadside daffodils in front of our house.
It's hard to see, but at the far end of the fence
is a forsythia that is coming out now.

Nothing says Spring like daffodils in bloom.

This is a view of the shed and dog yard out
our bedroom window.
A close up view of dogs in the dog yard:
Theo, Axel, Lego, and Max.

There's no obvious homesite in this spot
but it's not far down from the main house
so it may have been the location of some
outbuilding associated with the main house.
Daffodils in the woods at Pleasant Grove. Not unusual in the
woods in the south, generally at old homesites.

This isn't the prettiest view right now, but it's the front of our
house with the boxwoods cut back, which happened yesterday.
The view of the butchered boxwoods and my container garden,
on the right, as seen from my upstairs office window. It's going
to look bare for a while, but will grow back faster than you think.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Sunny Day

Thank goodness for a sunny day and daylight savings time. I got out for a four mile hike with Maya and TJ.

There was still time when I got home and enough daylight to get some pics of Lego and Axel playing in the dog yard.

Lego is obviously much bigger, but Axel is fast and agile.

Improving Adoption Prospects

Sunday morning it was time to get to work on improving adoption prospects for Lenny, Axel, and Lego. Before I left for Kansas I had put Lenny out in Sparky's old kennel with Axel who had just been returned. They both needed a playmate and I needed a way to make them low maintenance while I was away. That worked, but it wasn't doing anything for Lenny's socialization and I was afraid he was regressing back to the feral dog he had been.
Axel and Lego are both young and love to run.

I moved Axel over to the big dog yard with Trooper, Theo, Max, and Lego. Axel and Lego immediately ran and played until they wore themselves out. It also gave me a chance to confirm that Axel would indeed stay in a fenced yard even though I'm sure he's capable of jumping or climbing out if he was inclined. He stayed. He's also coming indoors at night now and he's been fine being crated in the office along with Max, Lenny, and Lego. I'll be taking Axel to a Promises adoption event next Saturday.

This was the first time Axel had been back
indoors since he was returned from a prior
adoptor. He had to be checked out by Maya
and TJ, but everything went fine.

Meanwhile, Lenny came inside and immediately resumed his relationship with Maya. I think he was glad to be back inside too. I was pleased that he seemed mostly ok with me again. He will come up to me for attention and petting, although all interactions are easier when Maya is nearby. His level of confidence is directly related to his proximity to Maya. 

Clay spent some time with him yesterday evening and Lenny was better with him than he had ever been. Lenny also resumed his occupation of "his" crate and he knows to run to the door to the AC yard when I'm taking him out. He's going to a prospective home this coming weekend, so he needs all the socialization he can get this week. If anyone wants to stop by to meet and pet him, please let me know.

Lego is now out on the internet and I'm sure he's attracting a lot of interest and hopefully some good applications. What he needs most is food. I am feeding him four cups of dry food twice a day and yesterday evening I went to the store to buy the makings for Satin Balls. 
Here's my recipe for Satin Balls from a blog post back in 2010. I have changed it up a bit. I now add a can of pumpkin for fiber. I only used one package of unflavored gelatin this time. I had partial boxes of Rice Krispies and Special K cereal left over from Christmas cookies so I used those instead of Total this time. It really doesn't matter much what you add, if 10 pounds of raw hamburger is the biggest element of the mix, dogs are going to like it and Lego certainly did. I gave him a little taste of it last night and added it to his dry food this morning.

This shot of Lego shows you just how thin
he really is. He's not a broad build, but he's
definitely underweight. That won't last long.