Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching up

The good news is that I am employed again full time. (Much rejoicing.) I'm back with LexisNexis full time at least through the end of the year, but am on a project where there is much work to be done, so hopefully it will continue. I'm an hourly employee, however, so I still have no health insurance. Consequently, the fucking republicans who are opposing health insurance reform with a public option have, in my opinion, earned a whole new hot and low spot in hell. This is especially true because they have no plan of their own and are simply opposing anything and everything that Obama does. They have no hesitation about spending billions and billions of dollars to kill people around the world, but they hate the idea of taking care of our own people at home. They make dog shit look and smell good.

But I digress. Emmylou (above and left) has been lame for several weeks but she is slowly regaining strength and usage of her rear left leg. She now goes out for long hunts through the tall grass in the pasture, but at least she isn't jumping the fence. I've been carrying her upstairs 2 or 3 times a day for the past several weeks, but the last few days she has been strong enough to do the steps herself for one of those trips.

I don't think I've had an adoption since Lyon, but there has been some in and out movement with the fosters. The big, ugly, smell guy, Max, went to another foster home for about a week. Here is Max and the household shepherd doing the classic dog introduction. They got along fine, it was the other foster dog in the home that objected to Max. I picked up Max yesterday and drove him to another foster home and I think he will be fine there. His hair is growing back but he's still scratching quite a bit.

Beautiful Brody, now called Brody the Butthead, went to a potential adopter last week for a few days. It's a former adopter, which I like, and a place in the country with a huge fenced yard. The other dog is one of my former fosters, a female named Starr. I thought that the male/female combo might work since he had lived with Birdie here, but Starr is a very alpha female and she had no use for Brody's alpha male act. I'm not really sure who started the trouble, but after the third fight it seemed clear that it wasn't going to work. I changed his write up to specify "no kids, no cats, no dogs, fenced yard required."

There have been a couple of new arrivals. The rottie in the crate is a girl named Roxy. She came from another rescue group over in Bath County. They've had her boarded for a year, and treated her for heartworms. She seems like a nice girl, and she is getting along with the other dogs. The other new guy is Copper. He's a mixed bully breed, maybe part boxer, part AmStaf, it's hard to say. Very sweet boy. Teddy and Birdie just love him, the best thing to come along since Brady as far as they are concerned.

Our cat, Eleanor, still has a broken leg. It's healing, but slowly. She also has a bladder infection. Lovely.

Today was another adoption event in Gainesville. I took Brody the Butthead but he mostly stayed in the van. Everyone was impressed at Rocky's improvement. His face is finally healed up. We took some new pictures today and I need to do a new write up for him on the website. It's time he found a home with someone who wants a deaf dog.

Hannah went along and was good, but she clearly wasn't thrilled about it all. She had heartworm treatment last Monday and Tuesday, but she's doing very well so far. She is not crazy about being confined to the crate instead of running in the pasture with the boys, however. Mostly today was about moving Boo (left) to a new foster home. He will get more attention and will be living indoors, so it will improve his adoption prospects.

I think that's about it for now. I'm loving the cooler weather and want to get back to the hiking trails again soon. I don't think Emmylou is up for it yet because she will overdo it in an effort to keep up with Molly. I may start out with the Butthead and a few of the other fosters.