Thursday, March 31, 2016

Re-retirement, retirement as it should be

Jasso's adopter sends me a picture or two just about every week.  He's finally getting the retirement he deserved all along, the life that all senior dogs deserve.  Apparently he's quite the mama's boy but he loves everyone, even the cats.

He goes on lots of new adventures.
A new "Deaf Dog" collar probably gets him even
more attention and I'm sure he loves it.
He looks better than I ever thought he would.
He looks great.
A misty, foggy day in the park.

There's nothing quite like sunshine on clean fur, a tennis ball makes it even better.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Committing to Kip

I've been corresponding with some folks about Kip for a couple weeks now. They met last weekend at an adoption event. They've been reading and learning about training a hearing impaired and vision impaired dog. They've talked to their trainer, they've talked to their vet. In short, they've done their homework and today made the decision to adopt.

I could have gotten a quicker decision from someone else, I know that. Kip is cute and sweet so it would have been largely an emotional decision. Kip is also deaf and partially blind, so he needed a well-considered decision.

And the best part of it, for me, is that the adopter is going out of town for three days next week so I'll get to keep him until the following weekend.

 Kip is a great looking dog, from any angle. He just can't take a bad picture.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hanging out

Gigi isn't thrilled about sharing a bed, but Harper will
move in on any dog and any bed if there's room for her.
There's less walking this week for a couple reasons: 1. mowing and other yard work; and 2. my van doesn't need to make any unnecessary trips until it gets new brakes and inspection on Thursday. We've postponed the Atlas adoption until next week or the following weekend because the adopters have house guests this weekend and I'd rather do it when they have time to devote to the new dog. I heard from Sam's adopter and he is doing well in his new home. I've been giving Atlas and Kip more indoor time this week, at least in the evenings, to give them more household experience. They are both doing very well. Harper is doing well, still being Maya's shadow. She follows me around the house but still won't actually come to me unless I'm sitting down or in bed.
Atlas hanging out in the bedroom with the gang for the evening.

Harper next to Maya, and that's Theo sitting near
the door, ready to get up and go outside.
This morning Harper jumped up on the bed to lay down next
to the still sleeping Maya.

Trooper and Maya
Clay was out of town Monday night, so
Gigi, Maya, and Trooper filled his space.
Harper watches me a lot, still trying to decide if I'm to be
trusted, I guess.

Atlas, wanting attention.
Vince doesn't like to share the bed either, but Harper
doesn't care and doesn't ask, she just moves in.

We keep an extra sheet spread over the pillows
during the day because Trooper or Gigi both use them.
Harper sharing with Trooper. I guess the only dog I haven't
seen her share a bed with is Theo, because he fills the entire bed.

Harper and Kip in the kitchen, either helping me cook
or watching me eat. These two play together sometimes.

Kip really is attentive. Partly that's just
being a puppy, but probably also because he
can't hear, he watches everything.

Harper is always nearby, but out of reach.
Whenever I need to get a leash on her I
have to sort of chase her into a crate and
then reach in to attach the leash.
Kip up front, with Harper peaking
from behind the trash can. She
likes to have a quick get-a-way route
available to her at all times.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Social disease

Clay and I saw Elton John in concert in Charlottesville last week. I really enjoyed hearing his music spanning more than 40 years. He played quite a few songs from the Yellow Brick Road album, including the lesser known "All the Young Girls Love Alice," which I probably haven't heard in 40 years. Another song from that album that you don't often hear is "Social Disease."

That brings me to today's topic, which is that Maya has a case of oral warts caused by the papilloma virus, a social disease passed from dog to dog. She just has two showing on the lower lip on the left side of her face, but the vet looked and there are more inside her mouth. There's nothing to be done, they will go away as her immune system fights off the virus. I noticed them a couple weeks ago and did some research but she's my little girl and I wanted confirmation from someone who knew something.

No, thank you, I will stay right here by my daddy.

Atlas: Let's Dance

On Saturday I went to Gainesville for an adoption event with Promises Animal Rescue. My only Promises foster at the moment is Harper but I didn't take her. Harper wouldn't have liked going, and besides, I already have a prospective home for her. I took Kip and Atlas. Kip had someone who was coming to meet him (more on that in coming days), and Atlas had two interested people who came to meet him. Debbie had cross-posted my fosters from other organizations (Sam and Atlas), and that helped generate some interest in both boys.

A former Promises adopter was interested in Atlas. She had adopted a Promises pup some time ago. He's still young but has grown very tall and handsome. His name is Brock. He's believed to be a shepherd mixed with something (probably Plott Hound) that gave him very striking and attractive brindle markings.

Brock and Atlas really hit it off right from the start and I think that helped seal the deal in the adopter's mind. Together they are the most interesting looking pair of dogs you are likely to see on any given day. Atlas has the black and gray marking of a Catahoula Leopard Dog, that pairs nicely with the black and tan brindle markings on Brock.

The two boys took an instant liking to one another and engaged in play as much as their leashes and handlers would allow. When Brock went into the store Atlas was outside looking for him and apparently Brock was busy looking for Atlas in the store. When Brock came back out the two of them took up from where they had left off. Brock's family wasn't all there on Saturday, but pictures were sent and calls were made it seems to be a "go."

We still need to work out the logistics of the transfer, but I hope it can happen next weekend. We are slowly but surely whittling down the number of fosters. With each one adopted I can give more time and attention to those that remain, as well as our own dogs. I'm going out of town in May so I need to have everyone placed in permanent homes in the next couple of weeks. I think Atlas found his on Saturday, and new brother as well.
I rarely see two dogs hit it off as well and as quickly as these guys did.

Brock was very well behaved on his
EasyWalk harness. I should have had one
on Atlas. He was pulling me so hard I had
to switch to a prong collar after a while.

That is a picture perfect play bow by Atlas.

They will work out who gets to lead, or they will take turns.

Look at those ears fly!
Another Promises dog wanted to join in the fun.

Brock, in a calmer moment.

Good pic of Atlas, wish I had not cut off his nose.
Atlas's tail is just a blur.

They make a great looking pair of dogs.