Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nice walking weather

I don't mind cold weather for hiking.  I like the bug-free winters and I really prefer frozen trails to muddy trails, but I have to admit that the 60 degree days we've been having are really pleasant.  It's nice to wear shorts and short sleeves again.

Theo the Great, a/k/a Drogo
Max and Theo

Max will try to drink out of every puddle he passes.
I try to limit him to the running water.
Sam is really pretty good on the trails.

Toquima, Maya, and Sam

Trooper, Max, and Maya
I think Trooper has put on a few pounds this winter.
My little girl, Maya

Maya, Max, and Trooper
Sparky loves a good roll in the grass.

Sparky enjoying a cool drink.

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