Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Gigi in her natural habitat
Not sure what is going on around here.
I saw the first wild flower of the year on
a walk yesterday with Maya and Trooper.

Maya is not eating. She's on doxy currently and I think that caused her to stop eating before. I'm giving her the pills in satin balls and she eats that, but then usually leaves the dry food, but may or may not eat it later. She's on doxy because she tested positive for Lyme and I started and stopped the treatment once before. I'd really like to complete it this time but don't want her to starve. There's just a few more days to go. I added a generic Pepsid to her satin balls this morning, hoping that will help.

Gigi is not eating, sporadically, usually forgoes her breakfast but may eat later.

Theo had diarrhea Monday night. He fasted on Tuesday (my idea, he would have eaten if I had fed him), back to eating on Wednesday.

Vince seems to be having difficulty eating his food. I'm soaking it in warm water, which helps. I suspect another dental problem.

Trooper is having a bit of difficulty with the stairs; he's hesitant to go up unless it's necessary and he waits to go down last when there's a pack movement. I'm not sure if it's a mobility or vision issue. He has pannus and I haven't been good about giving him the eye drops lately, but that's about to change.

Sparky hasn't always been finishing his food. That's unheard of for Sparky. I think he's sad because I've been leaving him in Sparky Land at night instead of bringing him indoor since the weather has been so mild. I need to give him extra love and more walks, and I moved a couple of the fosters upstairs last night so Sparky could have his crate in the kitchen again.

Harper using Theo as a pillow
Harper's spot in the bedroom at night.

One of the blossoms on our Saucer Magnolia
Sparky enjoying a roll in the grass

Maya and Gigi competing for attention in bed

New jewelry for Gigi that I added to her collar
when I got new county license tags for everyone.
(Look at the size of that rock! It pays to be my GF.)

The Saucer Magnolia in bloom in the center of our driveway.


Diane Boller said...

Your photos are fantastic, Brent!

Julie Martin said...

My 10+-year-old GSD's hesitancy about going up the stairs turned out to be spondylitis. Luckily it showed up on x-ray without what''s apparently the more usual need for an extremely expensive MRI. On tramadol, Vetprofin, and Dasequin, she's obviously a lot more comfortable and is about 80% less reluctant to navigate steps. Still enjoys her walks and chasing after bits of food. (This dogs 's fool--why run after a ball? It's not edible after all.)

Anonymous said...

I hope all your kiddos start feeling better! Seeing Harper smile is pretty amazing:-)!

Coleen said...

I don't know how you do it