Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More new experiences with Harper

Keeping her distance at first
It wasn't too long before she moved closer.
Harper and Maya and I went to town today. I needed to pick up medications for Maya, Trooper, and Gigi at the vet's office. I brought Harper in and got her up on the scale. We were there just a week ago so I didn't expect much change and didn't see much. She may have picked up a pound. I hope her weight gain will increase as she becomes more settled. Also, I mixed up 10 pounds of Satin Balls that she will be sharing with Theo.

I didn't have to drag her into the vet's office, she's walking better now mostly because she has come to trust me, at least a bit. After that stop we went over to Clay's mother's place to meet her and her cat. The cat is young and has no fear and no real experience with dogs other than Maya and Jasso. Harper showed no interest in the cat, she was far more concerned about why we were in another new place and meeting a new person.

Berta and I sat next to each other. Harper kept her distance initially, about six feet away, as far as the leashes would allow. But it wasn't long before she calmed down a bit and even approached Berta on her own. Then she sat and allowed Berta to pet her. She even asked for more when she stopped. Eventually she laid down right in front of Berta while we talked.

And eventually sat down in front of her.
She approached Berta.
She's coming around. I'm considered pretty trustworthy most of the time. She comes to the door to greet me along with the other dogs. She comes when I call her. She sleeps near me at night.  She still spooks easily and is afraid to walk in front of me because she wants to be able to see me at all times. But all things considered, today was pretty encouraging.

She does like to be touched.
She relaxed and laid down at her feet.

Looking at Berta
and looking at me.

She saw the cat but didn't really focus on her, It was the same with the cats at the vet's office.
Certainly no signs of prey drive.

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Byron's mom said...

I just love everything about this Harper girl. She has such soulful eyes. You can tell, that once she loves someone, she will love them for her whole life.