Thursday, March 31, 2016

Re-retirement, retirement as it should be

Jasso's adopter sends me a picture or two just about every week.  He's finally getting the retirement he deserved all along, the life that all senior dogs deserve.  Apparently he's quite the mama's boy but he loves everyone, even the cats.

He goes on lots of new adventures.
A new "Deaf Dog" collar probably gets him even
more attention and I'm sure he loves it.
He looks better than I ever thought he would.
He looks great.
A misty, foggy day in the park.

There's nothing quite like sunshine on clean fur, a tennis ball makes it even better.


Phyllis Tehan said...

Omg he is so gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful! Thanks to you, he's getting the life he deserves. Thank you Brent!

Andrea said...

I've loved following Jasso's story on your blog. So happy for him!