Saturday, April 2, 2016


Atlas likes to get out to the pasture to play but he also
loves being indoors.
Typical of spring weather, we've been alternating between warm/cool, wet/dry. I've been trying to take advantage of the good outdoor weather when it happens for mowing and spring time chores.

Atlas and Max
Why chase a ball when you can get one
straight from the source?

Kip isn't really interested in the tennis balls but
he loves to run.
Kip is light enough and fast enough that he can
keep up with Theo, who is more than twice his size.

Theo, Atlas, and Kip

Left to Right: Max, Kip, Theo, Atlas

Max is heading off in his own direction, following his different drummer. Kip is temporarily
following him, but Theo and Atlas and headed up the hill, back to me.

Harper continues to shadow Maya.
Location, location, location.
Everyone wants the spot under my desk.
Maya, Harper, Trooper, and Vince

Harper's confidence continues to grow, but
she's still skittish.
Maya and Gigi sharing the spot under my desk.

The cutest thing anyone is apt to see today is Trooper spooning Maya.

A close second on the cuteness scale is Harper snuggling with Maya.

Kip broke the cuteness scale.
Kip performing the rarely seen sideways, upward,
head tilt maneuver. 


Sharon Swan said...

All wonderful pics of the gang!

ladybugz said...

Great pics. The pack has certainly grown!