Saturday, April 16, 2016

Former foster updates!

I'm still busy at home with yard work and don't really have any new pics of my own to share yet, but here's a few from the adopters of recently adopted dogs.

A note about pictures:
If you send me pictures, and I do hope you will, you will notice that I crop them so people don't show. That's for a couple reasons: 1. I don't ever assume that anyone wants to appear in my blog, in fact, I usually assume that most people would prefer not to; and 2. I want to keep the focus on the dogs. Also, if you ever want to send a pic but would prefer that I not share it all, just say so. I won't mind and I'll still appreciate seeing it myself.

First, about Winnie (formerly Harper), I don't have any new pics yet, but have heard that she's settling in nicely.

Atlas, settling in and making himself comfortable.

Sam, looking good as always.
Apparently there's an obedience class in Sam's
future. That's always a good idea.

Commando enjoying his mom's sick day and making her
feel better.
This is Grenache (formerly Kip) with his new big sister. Just what a young male shepherd needs.

Grenache loves the football.

Jasso, kicking up his heels and enjoying the late winter
snow that hit last week (in West Virginia).
Jasso on a warmer day. He accompanied his adopter to a conference in Asheville recently,
returning to North Carolina just briefly. 


Andrea said...

Love seeing the updates! It must be great to see your former fosters so happy and healthy!

Risa said...

Love the former foster update. We missed you at the VGSR reunion yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Love all these pics and happy stories! Thanks for sharing!! You should feel so great knowing you made these pups so happy!