Friday, April 8, 2016

Very pretty but very temporary

(Female in back, male in front)
I've been mostly afk this week, due to uninteresting issues with car, yard work, taxes, and putting in 40 hours in four days so I'd have most of a three day weekend. Late Friday, however, I picked up this pair of shepherds coming to Promises Animal Rescue from a shelter in West Virginia. The shelter worker was coming to a concert in Charlottesville so the dogs came along for the ride. I met them in Charlottesville and brought them home for the night.

I didn't get good pictures, I don't know their names, and I'm not going to get to know them because I can't get emotionally invested. I'll be passing them off tomorrow and they will be going to another foster home.

The girl.
But if I was going to get to know them, I think they'd be very nice. They certainly rode nicely on the way home. I put them in an empty kennel briefly so they could eat and pee. Then I brought them in and put them to adjoining crates in the kitchen. They are nice, a male and female, found as strays and never claimed, which was probably fortunate in this case because they will be moving to what will most certainly be a better home than the one they came from in West Virginia.
The boy.  He is really good looking. If I was looking for a
foster, he wouldn't be leaving here tomorrow.

I saw a post on Facebook today about a six year old mastiff needing a home because his family was relocating. I sent an email, but, as expected, got an almost immediate reply that they didn't need my help. Aside from that, I'm sticking to my no-new-dogs-till-midMay vow. Toquima came to stay with us for about three weeks this time, and Scarlett is coming for a week, but they don't violate the vow because they have homes to go back to before I'll be going to Kansas and Montana in May. Kip and Harper are going to their new homes this weekend.

I saw this on Facebook today. It's been around a while, apparently, but it was new to me.

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