Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kip's day

Today was Kip's day. The weather was wild and windy, occasionally snowing or sleeting, but it wasn't anything that really hindered travel, at least if you had a good reason to be out and I had the best of all possible reasons.

I arranged to meet Kip's adopters up in Opal, VA, and to meet Debbie from Promises at the same place and time to pass off the two overnight boarders that I had picked up yesterday.

Kip is a sweet boy and we'll miss him around here, but it was time for him to move on and get on with his life. He needs someone who will give him the time, attention, and training that he needs to grow into the incredible mature dog that he will be.

He has a vet appointment scheduled already, and an appointment with a canine ophthalmologist. They already spoken to a trainer about working with a deaf and vision impaired dog. He also has a new name, Grenache, and a new sister, a six year old female GSD named Cabernet. The new owners must be oenophiles. Lucky dog.


Raymundo Bryant said...

Yay Kip!!!!!
Very sweet dog..

hammer1924 said...

So glad for Kip but almost crying to see him leave your blog, Brent. Must have been a tough good bye, even though a happy one for sure. Victoria