Friday, April 22, 2016

Starfish and Coffee for Finn

Here's a happy tune for a different, but happy dog, making the best of unfortunate circumstances. He can't hear, can't see well either, and now he's hobbling around with a peg leg. With all his disabilities and special needs he should be the poster pup for Green Dogs Unleashed. None of that bothers him, however.

Poor Finn is bored. He isn't fond of the cone but he tolerates it well. I leave it off of him when I'm around to keep an eye on him and mostly he's leaving the bandages and splint on his leg alone. He doesn't like not being able to go upstairs and mostly he doesn't like not being allowed to play with the other dogs. He is able to play and he tries, but I'm concerned about him hurting the leg although he hasn't yelped once since the splint was applied. Scarlet was pretty good about playing the role of babysitter but she went back to her home  yesterday. Toquima has agreed to take up some of the slack, but he will be going home the middle of next week as well. Maya would play with him but if I won't let them wrestle then she's not interested.

He hasn't been eating well so I discontinued the Rimadyl thinking it may have been upsetting his stomach. I'm giving him Tramadol still for pain, and famotidine (Pepsid) to help his stomach. That, plus mixing in more canned food, got him to eat all this food this morning so maybe I can at least start spoiling him with lots of food.

Vince has no use for a puppy.
He's good about being crated, especially at night. I leave his crate open during the day but close the gate to confine him to the kitchen. That limits his activity while still giving him a break from the crate. If he can't climb onto your lap, he lays down at your feet, just wanting companionship. This is a very sweet dog.

Finn is more interested in Gigi than she is in him.

Maya will play with him when he's able to play.

Trooper is our guardian against trucks, intruders, and
 large birds, but babysitter isn't in his job description.

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