Monday, April 4, 2016

Just a Monday

Vince is the only dog I allow to go out on
his own, at large, without supervision.
Vince is old enough and wise enough. He
represents us in the neighborhood dog world.
It's hard to follow a blog post about a dog adoption, that's pretty much always going to be the highlight of any week around here. We are down to nine dogs and that's a good thing. Clay is out of town and I'm without a car, so once again I stayed at home, concentrated on my paying job and spent some time out in the pasture with the mower, chainsaw, and dogs, although not all at the same time.
Out in the pasture today, that's Vince in the rear with nose to the
ground. Then there's Theo and Kip up front, taking a break
from chasing the ball and chasing Theo, respectively.
Theo with a ball, Kip following

Kip's schedule: Eat, play, run, sleep, grow, repeat.

Max was out in the pasture with us today. When he found
himself without a ball, he grabbed a stick that I had just
cut from a tree.
Kip tried to help.

That's Trooper out front, leading the other boys back into the dog yard. Trooper doesn't play with
us when he gets out to the pasture, he just goes out to the front fence, interacts with the dogs from
across the road, and run up and down the fence line as cars pass on the road. 

Trooper is pretty good about coming back in when I call, and the rest of the dogs follow him
 back to the dog yard, except Max who, as usual, is marching to the beat of his different drummer.

Harper and Kip, nose to nose
Harper doesn't understand that when Gigi comes and
stands on the bed it means that she should get up.
When Gigi sits and Harper still won't move,
Gigi gives me the look that means that I'm
supposed to make it happen.
Harper is a fur-covered contradiction; she's still scared of me, but she sleeps next to me at night
and she will lay with her head resting on my foot.

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Byron's mom said...

Love Harper. She's just too cute! The photos of Gigi letting you and Harper know that she wants to lay down.... Priceless! It's like she is saying "Dad, please fix this. The new girl doesn't understand..." Love it!