Monday, April 18, 2016


Last Friday I picked up Finn for Green Dogs. He had gotten his foot stuck trying to get through a cat door in someone's home and had managed to hurt his leg. I wasn't sure what to expect, but he was bouncy, lively, sweet, and friendly. He was favoring the leg (right front), but it wasn't preventing him from being a puppy.

He met the pack, a few at a time, and I installed him in one of the kitchen crates. It soon became obvious that if he jarred the leg or put too much weight on it he would cry out in pain. He obviously couldn't handle the activity level of the dog yard, but the kitchen has a gate on it and a door that leads directly to the small outdoor space I've taken to calling the straw yard because I keep it filled with a thick bed of straw.

It didn't seem that he needed to see the emergency vet over the weekend, so I just kept him crated or confined to the kitchen either by himself or with Scarlett for company. Scarlett is boarding with us for a week or so and she took a liking to him. I gave him something for pain and he seemed generally fine as long as he was careful with that leg.

Monday rolled around and we went to the vet. X-rays showed that both bones in his right front leg had fractures. The good news is that they were in a straight section of the bone, there was no displacement, and no surgery was needed.

He got a splint and a cone so he'd leave the splint alone. The cone is undoubtedly the bigger problem. He will need weekly splint checks with the vet and more x-rays in 3-4 weeks. He's young, it should heal quickly.

I'm not sure of his age but I think he's a pup still. He's an aussie (Australian shepherd) mix of some sort, and of course he's deaf and vision impaired as well.  His name is Finn and he's a sweet, friendly boy. If he sees anyone setting down he climbs into their lap, bum leg and all.

Meeting Vince, Gigi, and Maya
Clay sat down in the chair and Finn
climbed right into his lap.


Anonymous said...

He's adorable! What a happy little boy! So glad he's safe with you:-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Finn! You're a lucky boy to have landed with Brent and Clay.