Monday, April 11, 2016

Idiot Wind

Theo with his ever present ball. If there's one showing as there
is here, there's a second one in his mouth behind it.
We've had some blustery days lately. When I go back to Kansas the wind blows like this much of the time, but it's a little unusual around here.
Toquima will run with Theo after the ball but
he doesn't have much interest in getting the ball.

Wind makes the dogs crazy. Horses too. My guess is that it causes a olfactory sensory overload, too many scents flying through the air in all directions and at dizzying speed. It's probably what Max deals with all the time, he can not handle too much stimulation of any kind. So on windy days everyone is Max. Well, not quite. Thankfully. Theo remains focused on the ball. Trooper still heads out to the front fence. But everyone is a bit crazier than usual.

We are down to eight dogs right now. That's not a shortage but I really notice that feeding time seems to go a lot faster and easier.
Toquima, Theo, and Max

Toquima in front, Theo behind, with ball.
Gigi, stretching her legs
I'm starting Trooper on some mobility
supplements, and it may be time for Rimadyl.

Theo (with ball), Gigi (front), and Max (right rear)
Max, with stick. He needs to have something in his mouth
at all times or he will spin and scream.

Heading out to the front fence

Pretty girl, pretty day
Theo and Toquima

Toquima loves to run.

Toquima with a ball this time.

Gigi's fastest running is when she's heading back to the house.
She would hate to lose her spot on the bed.

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