Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fare thee well, Atlas

Some of the best things in life aren't planned and sometimes they happen in direct contradiction of our plans. I didn't plan on taking in Atlas. I had a full house already and was committed to taking in another dog the following weekend. But Atlas was a nice surprise. The dog that came in after him was Kip and Atlas turned out to be the best playmate for Kip. He's a nice dog with a unique look and he caught the attention of just the right people. He will be touched, he will be spoiled, he will be loved.

Atlas went to his new home today. He's not keen on car travel, but I'm sure it was worth the trip.

Fare thee well, Atlas. You've the gentle soul of a rottweiler bundled up in a most wondrous Joseph's coat.


Raymundo Bryant said...

He is being spoiled with lots of love, he and Brock are adjusting and working things out. Thank you so much for helping us make him a part of our family!!! He did great overnight both of them started playing as soon as we went outside this am.Our oldest had friends over last night and Atlas handled it all in stride, he is such a good boy. Our only concern was not knowing how he would be around our cat, no problems there either, they got nose to nose and had no problems at all. His ride home was not so fun for him as he got sick 7 times, but recovered well after some hydration. Thanks again Brent for what you do, he will be loved and well taken care of, he is home....

Anonymous said...

Atlas is adorable! Thank you Brent for all that you do! Wishing Atlas and his new family a happy and healthy life together!