Friday, March 4, 2016

New adventures

I've seen Harper try to engage in play with some of my other dogs.  She does it very submissively, like a puppy, but so far none of my guys have reciprocated and started to play with her.  Harper is still pretty much a puppy herself, probably between one and two years old, and I suspect she missed out on many or most of the joys of being a puppy.
Felix did everything right and she wasn't scared of
him but she wasn't ready to play either.

Yesterday we had a play date with former foster Felix, who lives just down the road with his new family.  Felix is still very much a puppy himself, probably close to Harper's age, certainly closer than anyone else I have around here.  Felix did just what I thought he would do and just what I wanted him to do.  He approached her like a pup and tried his best to initiate play with her.  Felix did all the playing, but he sure did his best to get her to join in the fun.  Harper wasn't comfortable enough to play, however.  She was in a new place, with new people, and a new dog, and she was just too scared to relax and play.

A couple of times she chased him a bit, and both Felix and I thought and hoped that she was about to break out in full fledged game of chase, but she was just trying to run him off.  We will try again, with Felix and with others, as she becomes more comfortable and confident in herself and in me.

Harper checking out a ball but she has no idea what to do.

He's growing into a great looking dog and I swear he still looks like a 3/4 size model of Gigi.
Felix did enough playing for both of them and
wore himself out.

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