Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Gay Agenda - Saturday, March 5, 2016

Harper coming up to me in the morning.
1.   Sleep till 7:00, it's Saturday after all. Let Vince out, convince the others to stay in bedroom.
2.   Coffee, shuffle dogs to kennel, AC yard, and dog yard for morning business.
3.   More coffee, re-shuffle dogs for feeding positions.  Feed nine dogs, six different foods, three with medications.
4.   Re-shuffle dogs, post-feeding.
5.   Yet more coffee, shop on Amazon for stuff.
6.   Trip to the dump to get rid of stuff.
7.   Hike three miles with Maya and Theo.
8.   Hike another two miles with Maya and Harper, pulling Harper much of the way.
9.   Shower, head to town to hit Costco for dog food for Theo, Maya, and Trooper.
10.  Find a place to have a beer and organize dog paperwork.
11. Go home, feed dogs yet again and give everyone enough outdoor time to avoid overnight unpleasantness.
12. To bed, just six dogs in the bedroom tonight because Toquima went home on Friday.

Maya's morning face
 I'm no longer keeping the rope
on her indoors.

HRH Gigi

Maya and Theo crossing a footbridge
Theo the Great

Harper got spooked at the beginning of our walk and
she was walking a full six feet behind or away from
me for the next two miles.  I'm used to being pulled
forward when we walk, but she was pulling me back.

Maya, Trooper, and Sparky eat Costco's
chicken and rice formula. Theo eats the
turkey and sweet potato grain free.

I had a beer at Three Notched Brewery
and enjoyed it, but what I've really
been craving is Diet Pepsi and I bought
a two liter bottle on my way home.

You will notice that no where on today's agenda is there anything about world domination, persecution of christians, or destroying heterosexual marriage.  But there's always tomorrow.


Risa said...

Funny, your agenda looks a lot like the straight people's agenda, but with few dogs and more alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the morning giggle:-) Our agendas look similar- except I only have five dogs and a cat:-)

Anonymous said...

Substitute Cat (times 8) for Dog, and you've described my day!