Thursday, March 17, 2016

Puppy pasture play

It's been a long time since we've had this many young dogs around here. Sam and Harper are probably between one and two years old. Atlas is about a year and the puppy, Kip, is less than a year. 
Kip, Sam, and Gigi
Sam and Theo

Atlas was neutered on Monday so I've been keeping him indoors and I still keep Harper indoors because I'm not convinced she will come to me, but Sam loves the outdoor dog yard during the day and yesterday I took Kip out there with him for the first time. I didn't walk anyone yesterday, but late in the day I took Theo, Gigi, Sam, and Kip out to the pasture to romp and play ball.

Kip and Sam
Theo, Sam, and Kip
Kip had been in the dog yard for most of the day and had gotten comfortable with that space, but he was initially very reluctant to come through the open gate to the pasture. Sam had no hesitation and Theo was out looking for a ball before the rest of us made it through the gate. 

Theo the Great
Theo likes the long throws with the tennis ball thrower. Sam prefers shorter distance runs but he will run along with Theo most of the time. Kip stuck close to me or the other dogs. I do think his vision limitations make him hesitant to go very far, but he had a great time and even went after the ball on a couple of very short throws. Sam is a good ball player, he returns it and gives it up. Theo would keep them all in his mouth if he could. Gigi doesn't play ball, but she enjoyed getting out to stretch her legs a bit.

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