Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Potential, possible, prospects

This is the best smile I've seen on her.
Harper shows every sign of having come from an abusive home. Most likely she was eventually dumped in the middle of no where in the middle of winter and was trying to survive on her own until she was eventually found by a decent person who tried to help her. It has been gratifying to see signs of progress in learning to trust, hope, and smile again, but it's clear that Harper needs a special person who can help her along that path at her own pace.
A rare moment of loose-leash walking on a recent hike.

A couple years ago I had another extremely shy and scared little girl named Maddie. I contacted Maddie's adopter to see if she'd be interested in another. That resulted in a meet and greet that happened on Monday and it went well. Harper clearly prefers women and for good reason, I'm sure. A single woman with a caring touch, other dogs, and well-fenced yard is exactly what she needs.

I got an appointment to have Harper spayed one day next week. After that we'll try to set up another meeting that includes the other dogs in the potential home. I'm excited and hopeful for this one, but even if it doesn't work out, Harper will be ready for the right home when it comes along.

I learned yesterday that 17 applications had already been submitted for Kip. What that pup lacks in hearing and sight he makes up for with cuteness.

Harper kissing up to Theo.
It never hurts to have the big dog on your side.

Bed time last night

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