Friday, March 18, 2016

Quiet tonight

Scarlett is a former foster who stays with
us when her owner goes out of town.

When Scarlett came yesterday it made an even dozen dogs. The only hope for peace and quiet with that many dogs, (too many of them being shepherds), is to get them tired out so they are happy to go to sleep when the sun goes down.

L to R: Harper, Scarlett, and Maya

Scarlett is living the good life now and it shows. She's happy
but she's also a bit overweight, so she did three miles today
along with Harper and Maya. 

Gigi doesn't need to lose weight, but
she does need to get out and get some

Trooper, Maya, and Gigi did a second
hike of about four miles.
Gigi wanted to go today, but I doubt that she will tomorrow.

"Which way is back to my bed?"

These four had been in the dog yard all day, but when I got back from the second hike I took
them out to the pasture to play ball and generally run around.
L to R: Kip, Theo, Atlas, and Sam

Sam's tail in the full corkscrew configuration.
This was the first time in the pasture for Atlas. He was more
interested in exploring than in the playing ball but he did
a lot of running with the other boys.

Sam is the best about giving up the ball but
he doesn't always see it being thrown.
Kip, Atlas, and Sam

Kip was much more confident
out there today.

Kip is learning the routines around here very quickly.
He's eating very well and I think he's putting on weight.

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