Monday, March 28, 2016

Social disease

Clay and I saw Elton John in concert in Charlottesville last week. I really enjoyed hearing his music spanning more than 40 years. He played quite a few songs from the Yellow Brick Road album, including the lesser known "All the Young Girls Love Alice," which I probably haven't heard in 40 years. Another song from that album that you don't often hear is "Social Disease."

That brings me to today's topic, which is that Maya has a case of oral warts caused by the papilloma virus, a social disease passed from dog to dog. She just has two showing on the lower lip on the left side of her face, but the vet looked and there are more inside her mouth. There's nothing to be done, they will go away as her immune system fights off the virus. I noticed them a couple weeks ago and did some research but she's my little girl and I wanted confirmation from someone who knew something.

No, thank you, I will stay right here by my daddy.

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