Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Committing to Kip

I've been corresponding with some folks about Kip for a couple weeks now. They met last weekend at an adoption event. They've been reading and learning about training a hearing impaired and vision impaired dog. They've talked to their trainer, they've talked to their vet. In short, they've done their homework and today made the decision to adopt.

I could have gotten a quicker decision from someone else, I know that. Kip is cute and sweet so it would have been largely an emotional decision. Kip is also deaf and partially blind, so he needed a well-considered decision.

And the best part of it, for me, is that the adopter is going out of town for three days next week so I'll get to keep him until the following weekend.

 Kip is a great looking dog, from any angle. He just can't take a bad picture.

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Britta said...

Thanks Brent! Great post. I'll do everything I can for Kip. He is a gem.