Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I had Maya and Sparky out for a hike on
Sparky enjoys his watering hole even when it's chilly.
It's that time of year when it goes back and forth from spring to winter. We had warm weather followed by predicted snow, which thankfully didn't happen, but it felt like winter again for a couple days. Today the sun finally came out again and we were back to spring.

Keeping 12 dogs entertained and exercised is a challenge. Some days I do better than others.

A muddy turtle in the middle of the trail
is definitely a sign of spring.

A view of the river, soon to be obscured by foliage.

Someone asked about Max lately and he's been
keeping a low profile, but I'm still hiking with
him as we did on Monday.

There are a few days of the year when the sky is this blue in
Virginia and most of them are in the spring.

Kip is growing, both in size and confidence.

Theo and Sam, playing ball in the pasture on Tuesday afternoon.
L to R: Sam, Atlas, Kip, and Theo

The swath of early green grass in the pasture is downhill from the manure pile.

Theo, Kip, and Atlas

Kip kept up with Theo today, which isn't easy.

That's Max in the lower left, then Atlas, Kip up front, and Theo on the right.

Kip and Theo

Playing ball with Atlas means laying in the grass
and chewing on it.


Theo, Kip, and Sam

Tuesday afternoon, a short 3-mile hike
with Harper, Scarlett, and Maya.

Harper is enjoying the walks now.
Scarlett at the river's edge

Maya has helped Harper immeasurably.

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Britta said...

They look happy to be out and about, irrespective of the weather. Great assortment of photos.