Monday, March 7, 2016

The other walkers

Harper is definitely improving on the walks, although she
still keeps her distance from me and will not walk in front.
In this picture her ears are up and she looks pretty happy.
I wasn't really up for a big hike today and didn't really have time for one either, so I did three short walks with Maya and three of the dogs that I don't walk as often. The three walks added up to five miles but was an easy five since there were breaks in between.

I started at the dog park end of the park property today. I usually avoid that area because there's more people and more chance of encountering both dogs and people. I never start a walk with Max from that location, or Trooper, and I wasn't so sure about Theo either, but Maya is fine with whatever we encounter, and so are Harper, Gigi, and Sam.

I look forward to the day that I see her carry her tail like Maya.

The river is still high but the mud has settled out
of it so it looks good. 

I think two leashes will be standard equipment on this dog
for the foreseeable future.

I don't take Gigi out enough for her to really enjoy it,
but she does like to go periodically.

Sam walks pretty nicely on the Easy-Walk Harness.
He doesn't pull but he does jump from side to side more than
I like.  He does best on a narrow, well-defined trail.

Maya keeps them moving down the trail,
she's pretty focused when we walk.

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