Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adopted! - Sam

Sam met a prospective adopter last weekend. On Friday evening I took him to the home to meet the rest of the family, including a little girl and three cats. Cats and kids are typically the two biggest obstacles to adoption. Sam had supposedly come from a home with children and cats so I had some reason to hope, but still, you never know.

Sam was a little wary of the little girl but he warmed up to her quickly when he realized that she could throw a tennis ball. We went inside and the cats initially disappeared, but two of them soon came around to check out the new dog. Sam was cool. He made no aggressive moves towards the cats and they didn't seem to sense any danger from him. I kept him on a leash but he wasn't even pulling on the leash to get to the cats.

I left with Sam that evening giving the adopters a chance to think about it and talk about it. They did so and I got a message Saturday morning that they wanted to adopt. I went to an adoption event in Gainesville on Saturday but I was home by late afternoon and went by with Sam to make it final.

Sam's a good guy and this is a good home. They deserve each other.


Coleen said...

Yeehaw! Brent your a good judge of character and I totally believe Sam has found his forever home! He's a handsome boy!

List Resister said...

And we are so happy to have him with us! Thank you!!--Kelly, Clark, Aine, & Gigi.

Byron's mom said...

This is great news! Catching up on what I missed the past few days with your blog and was so happy to read that Sam is in his forever home!