Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Kip on the block

Kip is his name. He's 6-8 months old, neutered male German Shepherd Dog. He's deaf and vision impaired. I'm not sure the extent of the vision impairment at this point. He's certainly not totally blind, but how well he can see I do not know. He's cute, sweet, and friendly, definitely child-friendly.

He will require a home that is committed to training a special needs dog. If you are local (Charlottesville area), local help is available, or find yourself a trainer with experience with deaf dogs. House training and crate training is still TBD, I just got him this afternoon, but he spent the day indoors and went outside to poop and pee. Ahhh, the joys of spring time temps and open doors.

Did I mention how cute he is? and sweet? He's available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed, There will be a lot more and better pics on the Green Dogs website and Facebook page in the coming days. See the website for adoption application, fee, and general information about the process.

The little guy had Trooper, Max, Theo, and Maya swarming around him when he walked through the door. They checked him out and seemed ok with him staying with us for a while. Vince looked worried, but he will cope.


Andrea said...

The head tilt picture! Love it!

Britta said...

What a special dog Brent!

Anonymous said...

What a love! I have a feeling he will be scooped up fast!