Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Yeaster

Beer (made with yeast) plus Easter = Yeaster, and it's a big improvement on the holiday. Add in a couple of dogs and it only gets better.

Clay was working today, of course, so his mother and I went down to the brewery in Scottsville. There was a nice crowd of regulars there escaping from their families. We ordered in some food and had a nice time.

Maya and Kip came along. Kip did his adorable puppy act, which really isn't an act at all. Everyone loves him. Everyone knows Maya and both dogs were very well behaved, settling down even as we ate. That's the advantage of never feeding your dogs from the table, they don't expect it and they leave you alone while you are eating.

I got some mowing and other chores done outdoors in the morning. Next week I really need to get back to hiking.

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Julie Garrou said...

Kip does the head tilt like nobody's business. I don't think it will be long until he finds his forever home.