Monday, June 8, 2015

Garden progress

This is a genetically modified coleus
that thrives in the sun. It's doing very well.
I flew back to Kansas last week because my mother had surgery. It went well, the prognosis is good, and she's recovering nicely, currently in a rehab center for physical therapy before she goes back home, probably towards the end of this week. I'll be going back out there on Sunday as my sisters and I take a tag team approach to helping her out as she regains her strength.

Having been away for a week, the growth of everything in my garden was been very noticeable. Apparently it was rainy and cool here much of the time I was away, but it was good for the garden.

This doesn't look like much now, but most of those sprouts
are sunflowers (a few are weeds). This will be a very pretty
flower bed later this summer.

It was hot and humid today and my flight was late last night so I didn't feel much like getting out for a hike today, but Maya and I got out for a short one. That seemed to satisfy her, she doesn't care about the time or distance as much as just spending time with me. We didn't go very far and certainly not very fast, but we went.

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Anonymous said...

Your container garden is beautiful. Glad that your mom is going to be OK.