Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jake the Pug

None of the previous dogs in this household ever had furniture
privileges. Jake considers it to be a right, not a privilege, and
so it is. The first night I was there I sat in his chair. The next
night he got up in the chair first and glared at me.
Jake doesn't normally sleep in the bed but
he's been sleeping in mine for a few nights.
I'm in Kansas hanging out with my mother and her dog, Jake. Jake is a pug, about seven years old, adopted from the local shelter.

The first night he slept pressed up against my leg, but after
that he just staked out a place in the corner of the bed.
Jake at Sunset Park

He's not a bad dog to sleep with, but he's noisy. He snores, snuffles, and grunts.

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