Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend events

Friday's 6 miler with Barkley, Maya, and Max
We've been having beautiful days and chilly nights, another reason that fall is the best time of year.

Friday evening yard time with Jasso and his ball.

We stopped in the water for a drink, but it was
cool enough that we didn't need to stay long.

Mickey always takes nice pictures.
Saturday's adoption event with Promises Animal Rescue.
I took my two PAR fosters, Mickey and Summer.

Summer is looking better all the time, but she's scratching
a lot lately. I'm thinking it may be due to fall allergies so
she's getting an antihistamine with every meal.

I got back home on Saturday in time to get in 7 miles
on the trails with Maya, Barkley, and Max.

Max, Barkley, and Maya

On Sunday I went to VGSR's adoption event
in Gainesville with Jasso and Max.
Jasso was scared at first and very uncomfortable, but he
relaxed after a while. He really enjoyed playing with the puppy.

Max didn't enjoy being there. He was growly
at first with the other dogs so I put him back
in the van for a while. When he came back out
he was better but he wanted to hide behind the
table and pretend we weren't there.

Former foster, Dusty, came by for a visit. She was adopted
over 8 years ago. She doesn't show her age at all, but her
adopter says that she doesn't have quite the limitless energy
that she once had. Who does?

Max warmed up to some of the volunteers after
a while, especially those with treats.
Jasso enjoyed himself, as I thought he would,
after he figured out there were people with treats
and lots of love.

Max, hiding behind the table, trying to wish himself
home. I can imagine him saying:
"There's no place like home, there's no place like home."
I got out for a shorter hike after getting home on
Sunday, just about 3.5 miles, before picking up
Clay at the airport after his London trip.
Barkley, Maya, and Max

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Anonymous said...

Jasso is looking so much better these day. Well done, you!