Saturday, October 3, 2015

To the vet and the bar

I had a vet appointment on Friday afternoon. Initially I had made it for Vince because of his apparent ear infection, but that has improved and couldn't really be dealt with at the vet without knocking him out anyway. I switched the appointment to Sparky, to have something on the top of his head looked at, but it was really more of a consult visit for Vince, Sparky, and Jasso.

I'm going to continue treating Vince's ears at home to the extent he will let me, and if he has to see the vet in the future we'll schedule him early in the day so he can be anesthetized for a proper flushing of his ear canals.

The thing on Sparky's head looked to be a cyst or something that had gotten infected, but it's not serious and I can just treat it topically. He was actually due for a blood test and exam, but Sparky growls pretty seriously if anyone other than me tries to do anything to him. The vet was able to listen to his heart through the growling and we called it good at that. I haven't been feeding Sparky as much as I do in the winter and he had lost weight, so I'm increasing his food and I know he won't object to that.

Jasso came along to weigh in and I wanted to show the vet how much better he looked. She agreed and thought his skin infection was completely cleared up. His ears are still a little gross, however, so I got some meds for them and will work on cleaning them and treating them for the new few weeks. We are going to give him time to put on some more weight before starting the heartworm treatment. Jasso really is looking good although he refused to sit nicely for a picture in the exam room after having his ears probed. He jumped into the van on his own and I got a picture there.

Jasso had gained four pounds in the past two weeks and I had lost four pounds, finally breaking the 200 mark. To celebrate, Maya and I went down to the brewery in Scottsville Friday evening. There was a small crowd of regulars there and Clay was working behind the bar, so Maya worked him for dog biscuits.

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