Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bath Day

The only thing good about hot and humid weather is that it's the perfect time for dog baths.  Everyone around here needed one and especially Gambit who has been smelly since he arrived.  I got everyone today except Trooper, Max, and Sparky.

"We are not amused."
Gigi has a short, smooth coat so her bath was
over quickly, but it was still too long for her.

Charlie was pretty good about it
once I got him wet.
Ochie only stopped squirming
when I was scratching his butt
with the brush.  He liked that.

Vince, starting the shake
Bathing Vince is a job only for an amateur,
not a professional.  He would never let a
stranger do that to him.

Maya acted like this was something new.
She's been shedding badly, so this will help.

I must have bathed Maya before but it may
have been indoors in the tub.

The shining star of bath time was Gambit.  He had obviously done this before and he enjoyed it.  He was pretty smelly and grimy, so I expect it did feel good to get clean.  He let me hose out his ears as well.  I got a lot of hair off him, but there is much more yet to come with a good brushing tomorrow.

I saw him snapping at the hose and realized it was a game he knew and liked.  I'd spray directly at his head and he'd open his mouth and try to grab the stream of water.

He liked the attention and he liked the bath.  At one point he sat down and just let me scrub and rinse.  Gambit continues to impress.


Ckipps said...

Oh man! I wish I'd known. I would've brought my four stinkers over!! Bath time on our list for tomorrow. Gambit is so darn cute.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post and the pics! Gigi definitely looks offended at having to have a bath! Gambit continues to just show that he has a great soul!

Risa said...

Gambit is turning out to be the best dog in the whole pack. Maybe you and Clay will adopt him too.