Thursday, September 25, 2014

Better Together

"Better Together" was the theme and tagline of the "no" campaign in the Scottish independence referendum. It was a good theme, a positive message in a campaign that struggled to find one, and it ultimately prevailed, although whether it was the positive message or the fear mongering is a debatable point.

"Better together" also describes Groot and Maya on walks. I took them out on the trails again today. Walking two dogs is almost always more difficult than one, but Groot and Maya are easier to walk as a pair than either of them is alone. Maya is rather a slow walker and I find that I'm either leading her or encouraging her to move faster, often stepping on her heels. Groot, by himself, is a bit wild, moving back and forth all over the trail. But together, they walk side by side most of the time, (Maya doesn't want to let him lead), and she keeps him focused on forward movement.

I try to keep Maya on the right, but Maya goes where she wants to go and that's just the way it is.

The trail also helps to keep both of them focused, and when we leave the trail for open space, chaos reigns. Groot wants to see and meet everyone, human and canine. A word of advice for people with dogs at Pleasant Grove, or anywhere really:  If you can't control your dog off leash, don't have your dog off leash. 

"Better together" is also the theme for pack-style sleeping around here, as these pictures illustrate.

Gigi, Trooper, Maya, filling most of the bed.

Gigi under the blanket
Maya and Trooper, better together.

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