Monday, July 3, 2017

Birthday Dogs

What does the guy who has six dogs get for himself for his birthday? Two more dogs, of course.

TJ and Max are making the transition from nominally foster dogs to full fledged members of the tribe. We have considered them to be our dogs de facto for quite some time really, but I'm filling out paperwork with their respective rescue groups today to make them dogs de jure.

We've learned to love them, most of the time, and they've learned to fit in around here, most of the time. I don't think either dog is readily adoptable to most prospective adopters. TJ will be 12 years old later in July, and he's a bit of an asshole with other male dogs sometimes. He's also impossible to crate or contain in a fence or a kennel. But he's very devoted to me and how can I not love him for that?

Max is special, he always has been. He's wound way too tight, but he's learned to cope with things around here pretty well and he's been around so long that all the other dogs know him and know how to cope with him.  He's very routine oriented, and as long as everything sticks to the routine he does pretty well.

Max is my last remaining link to VGSR. I'm still a member and may foster for them again some day, but most of the shepherds I take in now come under Promises. I still plan to foster large breed dogs through Green Dogs too, but having just our own eight dogs around here now seems so easy and rather nice for a change.

The transition from foster to adopted will be seamless for the dogs. As far as they are concerned this has been their home for quite some time. The only real change will be when I swap out their foster tags for new name tags I made for them today, and some new collar bling.


Risa said...

Lucky Max and TJ. Every dog should land so well.
VGSR will miss you.
Happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

I think that is a most appropriate birthday present! Both dogs are so lucky to be with you and Clay! - Johanna

hammer1924 said...

Oh, yay for TJ and Max. To tell the truth, I did not doubt this day was coming! 😄 For a brief moment I thought I read about a prospective home for Max, but not meant to be. His home is with you, Brent! Any news of that love Duke?