Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday without the heat

Maya and Nora
It was actually cool when I first went outside with dogs early Sunday morning. The sky was clear blue, no humidity. I should have immediately headed out to the trails instead of waiting until late morning like I did, but it was still pretty decent. I did about three miles with Maya and Nora, followed by four miles with Maya and TJ. When we got back home from the second hike, I went out to the pasture with Nora, Max, Theo, Trooper, Gigi. A good time was had by all.
This was Nora's first hike, but she did
very well.


TJ has re-grown all his fur and he's put on a good amount of
weight. He looks really good now and is a much darker color
than he was. Who knows what his winter coat will look like.
Four miles was about one too many for TJ.
I should have gotten him out early in the day
when it was cool. But he held up well.

Maya in the creek. The river was up and running high and muddy, but the creeks and streams
around here were not. It seems that most of the rain fell upstream. We got very little.

Nora chasing Theo, who was playing ball.

She's actually quite fast, but she had no real interest in the ball.

Gigi mostly hung out in the shade, it was too warm for her
to do much running.
This is a picture of Theo from the rear, but this dog
has such nice lines he looks good from any angle.

Sparky had a nice roll in the grass and he
bounced around a little bit, just happy to be out.
He was even happier to come back inside.

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