Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hot weather walks

I had the crates out of the van for cleaning so
TJ made his way up front, completely ignoring
the fact that it was a "no Husky" zone.
I didn't get out to walk on Wednesday, but I did twice on Tuesday. First with Maya and TJ, about 2.5 miles. That was far enough for TJ but he held up well and he wouldn't admit it even if he didn't. In the evening I went out again with Maya and Theo, for a little over three miles. Pleasant Grove was completely deserted, except near the end of our walk there were some kids shooting off fire crackers near the ball fields. Theo beat a hasty retreat back to the van. We hate fireworks. Actually, I like the colorful ones, but the noise makers are pointless and stupid, and they scare the dogs. All things considered, we didn't have much 4th of July panic around here, other than the constant dread for the state of the country, and that's year round at this point.

Maya conserves her strength on hot days for
important events like deer or squirrel sightings.

Water crossings are welcome respites for all of us.

 By the way, I received this picture of Jack from his new home. He's doing well, fitting it, and with a pool and a stick, you know he's a happy dog. He starts obedience training next week.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see Jack with his stick and his pool!