Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Art of Fetching in the Rain

I had a brand new batch of tennis balls that
Theo has been wanting to sink his teeth into.
The heat wasn't quite as brutal today. It wasn't nice outside, but it wasn't as oppressive as it has been of late. I was determined to get outside today regardless and to get the dogs more exercise too. Being cooped up inside makes us crazy after a couple days.

I took Theo and Penelope out to the pasture. They are the two biggest dogs around here and they need exercise.  I left them on their own for a while as I was mowing the dog yard. About the time I finished and went to join them, it began to rain.

Rain was a welcome respite even if it didn't last long and only served to raise the humidity. We enjoyed it while it lasted. After the big dogs had romped for a while, I brought the pups, Jess and Bella over to the dog yard and played with them until the rain picked up enough to drive me back inside.

FYI: The title of this post is a reference to "The Art of Racing in the Rain."  It's a great book, the kind of book I wish I had written.
If one is good, two must be better.

Penelope looked at the balls, but that was it.

She even watched Theo go after them but did not
join in, in spite of the fact that she loves to run.

When you need a break from running, bobbing for tennis
balls is fun too. 
Penelope enjoyed the cold, fresh water, but still
had no interest in the tennis balls.

"I'm a puppy and I want to play."
Jess and Bella playing tug.

Bella always prevailed in the tug.
Jess didn't care, he just likes to play along.

Jess got it first this time.

Whether or not she's first, Bella gets it in the end.
Nothing tastes better than cold fresh water on a hot day.
If it tastes good, it feels even better.

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