Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A slow but eventful day

I had Tuesday off as well as Monday this week. I'm not sure why, but apparently the company needed to work in another holiday somewhere because christmas falls on a Sunday this year. I didn't have much planned for it and it's just as well because it was a hot, humid, miserable day right from the start.

I had a vet appointment originally scheduled for Max but I took Sparky instead because I wanted to get him checked out. His heart sounded fine and we managed to get blood drawn for a heartworm test and some basic blood work and it all looked good. That's good news, but I'm going to be keeping Sparky as cool and comfortable as possible, with no exertion in this heat. I'll get him back to trail walking in the fall when it's decent to be outside again.


After the vet visit I headed on out to Crozet, stopping to visit Daphne and her adopter who had some supplies to donate to me. I had Hardy along too because I was meeting some adopters who were interested in him. We met in a park in Crozet but soon went back to Daphne's house to take advantage of her fenced back yard so Hardy could meet his prospective adopters' golden retriever off leash.

That all went well. They want to adopt Hardy and I think they will make an excellent home for him. I don't have any reason to think that the two dogs won't get along and learn to be friends.

They've got a short out of town trip this week but we hope to do the adoption on Friday.

I came back home thinking I was pretty much done for the day. There was nothing else I particularly needed to do and nothing I wanted to do in this heat. I was actually laying in bed watching some television when I got a message from Erika with Green Dogs. Someone was on their way to her house to surrender a 16 week old, pure bred, German Shepherd puppy. That changed my plans for the afternoon, evening, and for the next several weeks.

Sixteen weeks old. Male. Adorable. No name yet. Some local paid $1,500 for the dog, crated him all day, and then couldn't handle the energy and activity level of the puppy in the evenings. At least they didn't return him to the breeder who would have just re-sold the pup with as much care as they put into the initial placement. It wasn't in my plans, but one does not say no to a 16 week old GSD pup.

The pup came inside to meet Penelope
and Maya. That was fine too and they
even played with the little guy, well,
Penelope did, Maya supervised.
Samantha and Vince met him and moved on. I'm sure they think
I'm crazy and they will attempt to ignore him as much as possible.

He found the big water bowl and had it dumped fairly soon.
The pup and Penelope ran around the island in the kitchen.
She may be my best babysitter.

I brought this in as a water bowl that he couldn't dump,
but he could play in it instead. 
That's Hardy, Trooper, and Theo, all checking
out the new puppy. That had to have been
intimidating for him, but all four handled it well.


Anonymous said...

So glad Sparky is ok! The new guy is a cutie! I just hope you get some rest in the next few weeks- I know this little guy is going to keep you even busier than you are normally! Looks like Penelope is up for the job of being a great nanny:-) Thank you for saving all these pups. You are incredible!!!

Risa said...

This is how we got Siegfried 2 years ago.
Your new boy is adorable. Please give him a good name. I know you will find him a good home.

Tanya2 said...

You have your hands (and paws) full! We need a national pet offender registry so morons like this baby's "owner" can be flagged as someone not to sell a pet to.