Monday, July 11, 2016

Garden dogs

Samantha with the caladiums
I've been wanting to post some more pictures of my garden again while it's still looking good.  I enticed a few of the dogs to pose in the garden for photo ops by feeding them there on occasion.

Brief updates:
Hardy is now Marty and he's doing well in his new home.
Blue-eyed Bella is settling in and she's becoming the best puppy-sitter around here.
Puppy is growing and he's as cute as ever, but he still doesn't have a name.  I just call him PupPup.

Puppy having a drink while I water.

The shady end of the garden actually gets
morning sun.


Scarlett is staying with us again for about a week or so.

This pot of purslane made a nice elevated
feeding station for Theo.

Gigi's basic black goes with all colors.

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