Thursday, July 28, 2016

Washing the Big Boys

Another hot day, another good day for a dog wash.

First up was Theo. His coat isn't as long as some, but it's still a double coat and he was beginning to blow out the undercoat. That makes for extra mess in the house so I took the hose and Dawn to him, along with a rubber brush and worked out a lot of loose hair. Later, after he had dried in the dog yard I used my rake and got even more off of him. Theo was good about the bath, stood nicely for me, and was very patient, at least until I tried to wash out his ears.

These pictures give a pretty good view of the wash station. It's nothing fancy, built from old fencing, and not built particularly well. It's very functional, however, and a real back saver. When I'm not washing dogs on it, it holds my canoe up off the ground.

The next "volunteer" was Trooper. Trooper was definitely needing the bath for hair removal if nothing else. I got a lot of hair off of him while wet, but will be getting even more over the next couple days as I brush him. Trooper hopped up onto the platform for me and stood there like he was almost enjoying it. I didn't even back away when he did the big shake, the cold water felt good today.

Finally, I did Max. He was reluctant to jump up onto the platform for me but after a couple tries he finally did so. I didn't get any pictures of him during the bathing process; these were taken after the final rinse when we were pretty much done. I should have taken a picture of him after he dried. Max is a beauty and his coat showed the most improvement from the bath.

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