Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bath time

About the only good thing about these really hot days is that they are perfect for outdoor dog baths. I don't feel bad about using cold water on the dogs and I don't mind getting wet along with them.
I started off on Friday afternoon with Scarlett because she's going
back to her home this weekend and I wanted her looking good.

Scarlett has been around the block a few times, she knew what
a bath was all about. She had a lot of loose hair on her.

Max is blowing his coat now too, so he really needed a bath just
for the purpose of hair removal if nothing else.

The elevated washing platform is a real back saver.

I couldn't remember giving Maya a bath so I figured it must have
been time. She stays very clean, but I'm sure she will smell better.

She wasn't crazy about it, but my three point restraint system
keeps them pretty well in place up on the platform.

Gigi didn't seem particularly dirty either, but her short coat is easy
to wash and she looks very sleek and shiny afterwards.

Gigi would have gone back upstairs and hopped onto the bed while she was still wet,
so I made her stay outside and run around a bit to dry off.

Penelope seemed very accustomed to the bath.
She stepped up onto the table for me and stood still.

She loved washing off her tongue in the hose
and lapping up water.
This is Penelope jumping in the
air, playing with me after the bath.
Pretty girl
We are going to town this evening to see a movie. What do you think the chances are that Maya
will be good while we are gone?

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Anonymous said...

Love the bath pics! I sure hope you didn't come home to any surprises from Maya:-)