Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting by on the hot days

The weather has turned from hot to brutal lately with that godawful combination of high temperatures and high humidity. I get everyone up and out early, or rather, they get me up and out early. By mid-morning nearly everyone is back inside. I leave the two pups, Jess and Bella, out longer because they have shade, water, and youth. The older they are and bigger they are, the tougher the heat is on them. Sparky is spending most of the day indoors now, as well as being in at night even though his kennel has a big fan, big water tank, and lots of shade. I need to keep him crated indoors, but he doesn't mind.

These pictures were taken this morning after breakfast while I was watering the garden. I was taking Penelope back indoors, but she really wanted to romp a bit so I let Jess out to play with her. She would prefer to have a larger playmate, but we all have to make do with what we've got.

Dispelling the myth that Danes are always graceful when they run. 
They need wide open spaces with room to run and get up to 
speed in order to look their best.

Jess helping himself to a drink from one of the
fountains in my container garden.

He is growing and he is learning that he needs to get up to her
level in order to be considered a worthy playmate.
That was awkward.
Jess going through the garden.

Jess totally committed to his leap, but it wasn't enough to
catch the big girl. Not even close really.

He's growing, but he can still easily walk under

The fountains are popular with the birds and the dogs.

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Anonymous said...

These pics are great! My fav is "that was awkward"!!!