Friday, July 29, 2016

Bella's vet visit

On the drive in
Bella and I had a vet visit today, with the fabulous Allison Kramer, DVM, recently named as best veterinarian in the Charlottesville area, at Old Dominion Animal Hospital, which was also named as favorite vet clinic in the area. The Daily Progress runs a contest each year in which people can vote for their favorite whatever in a wide variety of categories. Dr. Kramer and Old Dominion Animal Hospital are my favorites and I was happy to see them win the honors.

Bella wasn't impressed by their awards, but she was really good, and they were very good with her. She was scared and had her tail tucked, but she wasn't particularly anxious. Her ears, eyes, and nose were working overtime, taking it all in, but she was remarkably calm and she looked relaxed even if she wasn't. Her exam was fine and her fecal test was negative. Everything else was done before she arrived, except being spayed, but we have that scheduled for next Tuesday.

In the exam room, ears, eyes, and nose
on full alert.
Bella was wonderful in the car. She laid down in the back without being crated, didn't push her way up front, didn't make a sound, and didn't get sick. This is the girl who arrived by plane, so she is accustomed to travel. Dr. Kramer thought that a year and a half was a reasonable estimate of her age based on her teeth, and that's what I had been thinking as well, based on her behavior and how she plays with the puppy. She had some gunk in her ears that I need to treat, but otherwise she seems very healthy. Her weight was up to just over 60 pounds.

Bella has been a great puppy sitter, and she is staying with him in his kennel or the dog yard, without climbing, jumping, or otherwise trying to get out. If Jess is with her, I've even taken her to and from the house to the dog yard or kennel without a leash. She's a good girl, very sweet, and those eyes! When you shine a flashlight at a brown eyed dog at night their eyes appear to be green. With Bella, her blue eyes appear bright red at night. It could be scary if you didn't know it was her. The only bad thing she's done is to take a shoe and chew the laces off of them. She hasn't damaged any shoes, but I need to replace about 4 or 5 pairs of laces.

In the lobby, awaiting result on the fecal test.
On the drive home

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