Friday, July 8, 2016

A clean start to a new life

It was hot enough that we both enjoyed
the cold, outdoor, well water bath.
Hardy went to his new home Friday afternoon. I sent him off looking better than when he first arrived. He has put on some weight and looks really good now. He also left smelling better than he has since he got here thanks to a bath on Thursday afternoon.
We started off in the adopters' back yard where Hardy
immediately encountered this dangerous looking dog.
He seemed puzzled by the dog's lack of scent and
non-responsiveness and kept going back for another check.

Hardy now has a beautiful back yard with a six foot fence.

The dogs' mutual greeting went well.
This was their second meeting.

Neither dog was the alpha in their prior living arrangements. It will be interesting to see how
the relationship develops. Perhaps they will just be buddies and let the humans take the lead.


Anonymous said...

Heaven on earth for the dogs. They look happy.

Andrea said...

I love Hardy's reaction to the "strange dog" - my boy did that! Those two look SO happy together - his new brother is so cute. Happy new home, Hardy!

Anonymous said...

So happy for Hardy and his new family! What a success!