Friday, January 27, 2017

An evening out with Maya

Thursday was Clay's day off. Although I had to work, we had hoped to head down to Scottsville in the afternoon so I could have a chat with the bee lady at Scottsville Supply Company. We didn't get down there in time for that because I had a telephone conference call at 4:00 p.m., concerning my employer's continuing efforts to off-shore my job to the Philippines.

We did go, however, and had a pizza and a couple beers at James River Brewery. Maya hadn't been there in a while, but she knew just where to go. She went right up to the bar and ordered herself a treat.


Anonymous said...

OMG I love it! The personality on her is just great! Those eyes! She's a perfect date!

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for Maya's bar tab? Or does she just get by on good looks, like so many girls do?