Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prospect for Abby

I took Abby to a Promises Animal Rescue adoption event on Saturday. There were actually two potential adopters there who came to meet her and were interested in adopting her. I have hope that she will have a home soon. She needs someone to be working with her and she's smart enough to learn anything. She's very outgoing, sweet, and friendly with people, so she shows well at adoption events.

I took Maya along, of course, but she stayed in a crate in the car. She was just along for the ride.

Maya in crate right behind the front seats, and Abby is loose
in the space behind the crate.

The rest of these pictures are from my hikes on Friday. Maya and I did three miles with Sparky, and later in the day we did another three miles with Theo.

Maya and Sparky walk very well together.
Here they are teaming up to sniff something important.

Sparky never misses an opportunity to roll in the grass.

Theo is easy to walk until he sniffs a deer.

Theo is one of the best looking shepherds ever to
cross my path. He's a little shepherdy, but basically
has a good, solid temperament.

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Anonymous said...

How could anyone resist that sweet face?