Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tails up!

We had about 4" of snow I guess. Not a lot, but enough that I didn't want to head out to drive to northern Virginia to an adoption event today.

I stayed home instead and worked on getting the kitchen back in working order. The wind blew and the snow fell throughout much of the morning, but at some point in the afternoon the sun broke out. We were all glad to see it. Everyone was inside at night, but I had the young foster girls out in the dog yard today to play. When the sun came out I got the rest of the pack out for a little romp in the front yard.
Vince's tail isn't straight, but he was holding it high.

The dogs were all excited by the first snow of the year, which was made apparent by how high the tails were held.

I should have put a coat on Gigi, but she wasn't out very long.
Her tail was up and she played with the other dogs.

Theo and Trooper running together.

Even Samantha was playful in the snow
and carrying her tail straight up.

Gigi and Theo

Samantha isn't as fast as the others but she wasprobably
outside more today than any other resident dog.

Sparky doesn't have much tail, but it was standing
up straight today too.


Samantha chasing Theo



Theo's shadow

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