Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Theo the Great

The sun finally emerged today. It didn't do much drying out, but at least things didn't get any wetter today, although I'm not sure that would have been possible anyway. It was warm as well as sunny, so it was a decent day to have some dogs outdoors and they enjoyed it. I didn't let Theo go to the dog yard though, because he gets himself soaked and caked in mud in a matter of minutes. To make up for the indoor day, I took Theo and Maya up to Pleasant Grove this afternoon for a five mile hike.

All three of us enjoyed it, but Theo was especially excited about it. He doesn't pull on the leash, but he was always out front and he showed no signs of slowing down even when we reached the five mile mark.

Theo is one of those dogs, like some people, who just can not take a bad picture. I got the defective battery in my iphone replaced last week so it didn't shut down on me like it has been doing on our hikes. Consequently, I got a lot of pictures, most of them are of Theo.

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