Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sun and something new

The "something new" is a new hiking locale, Chris Green Lake Park in Albemarle County. I had been there once but hadn't really investigated the trails like Maya and I did today. Actually the other "something new" was the sun itself, which we haven't seen much of around here in quite a while.
The fishing pier

I was actually headed up Rt 29 with the intention of checking out Bald Top Brewing Company, a new farm brewery which had just opened this weekend. I checked the website and Facebook page before going too far north, however, and discovered that they had already sold out of beer and were closed until next weekend. So we did Chris Green Lake instead. Maya was happy about it and it was what I needed too.

There isn't an extensive trail system at this park but we did what there was, about four miles worth. The trails were nice and we spotted a deer shortly after starting out. That was enough to pique and sustain Maya's interest. There is a really nice dog park that extends down to the lake, which would be great for a dog who liked to swim and retrieve a ball. Maya isn't really the dog park type, however, so we just checked it out and moved on.

There's a really nice fishing pier too, and it was a nice day for fishing. It almost made me wish I enjoyed that, but Maya would be bored and I probably would be too after about 15 minutes. It's a pretty lake and would be nice for a canoe, but that wouldn't interest Maya or get either of us the exercise that we need.

It wasn't a big hike, but it was new territory and a great day so we both enjoyed it. I made it home with enough daylight left to take Trooper, Max, and Theo out to the pasture for a good run too.

Max had a very successful dogging session today. He carried
a ball, ran with Theo or at least stayed near us, and didn't
spin, chase his tail, or scream at all. 

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